Religion & Non-Religion

The Religious Dimension in Human History

  • Identify the following expressions of the religious dimension in human history:
    • animism
    • polytheism
    • monotheism
  • Evaluate the place of significance of the religious dimension in human history to provide:
    • meaning and purpose for the individuals
    • social cohesion
    • social transformation
  • Investigate statistical data of the current global distribution of the five major religious traditions

New Religious Epression

  • Recognise the reasons for the rise of new religious expressions as people:
    • search for personal fulfilment
    • seek ethical guidelines
    • seek to clarify their relationship with society
  • Explain how the following have influenced the growth of new religious expressions and spiritualities:
    • the rise of materialism
    • scientific progress
    • growth of ecological awareness
    • disenchantment with ‘traditional’ religious practice and guidance

Non-Religious Worldviews

  • Outline the essential features of Atheism and Agnosticism
  • Outline the positions of:
    • Rational Humanism
    • Scientific Humanism
  • Discuss how Agnosticism, Atheism and Humanism determine the aspirations and behaviour of individuals

The Difference between Religious & Non-Religious Worldviews

  • Compare the response of ONE religious and ONE non-religious belief system to:
    • the concept of the transcendent
    • the human person
    • social responsibility