Post 1945

Contemporary Aboriginal Spiritualities

  • Discuss how Aboriginal spirituality is determined by the Dreaming
    • kinship
    • ceremonial life
    • obligations to land and people
  • discuss the continuing effect of dispossession on Aboriginal spiritualities in relation to:
    • separation from the land
    • separation from kinship groups
    • the Stolen Generations
  • Outline the importance of the following for the Land Rights movement:
    • Native Title
    • Mabo
    • Wik
  • Analyse the importance of the Dreaming for the Land Rights movement

Religious Expression in Australia – 1945 to present

  • Outline the changing patterns of adherence from 1945 to present using census data
  • Account for the present religious landscape in Australia in relation to:
    • Christianity as the major religious tradition
    • immigration
    • denominational switching
    • rise of New Age religions
    • secularism
  • Describe the impact of Christian ecumenical movements in Australia
    • The National Council of Churches
    • NSW Ecumenical Council
  • Evaluate the importance of interfaith dialogue in multi-faith Australia
  • Examine the relationship between Aboriginal spiritualities and religious traditions in the process of Reconciliation